– Arthur Bagourd

“All else being equal (up to one standard error), go for the simpler model.”

– Ryan Tibshirani

Now full time into MEV and algo trading. Also doing applied research on intersting topics: hedging/pricing, MEV, Payment For Order Flow (PFOF).

@Flashbots Research Fellow 🤖.
Previously FX Algo Trading @Barclays.
If you need MEV or financial markets expertise, I can probably help you. Though note that I am lazy and hate wasting time (whether yours or mine), so I will either be super efficient and deliver effective solutions in a short amount of time or turn you down from the start.

Specific services I currently offer:

  • MEV optimisation (mainly from a maths pov)
  • Research and design (of math, econ, fin or cs problems)
  • Order Flow monetisation
  • Teaching (of maths/fin/econ/cs concepts applied to specific topics)

Companies I have done work with:

  • Kiln
  • Manifold Finance
  • Biconomy
  • Flashbots

My hobbies span from books publishing to reading (am a Tolkien fan), and exploring the blockchain.

Fun fact: from secondary to high school I was writing JS like bots to farm resources on Dofus (a MMORPG video game), front-running real players to get the best items, it was running while I was doing my homework. I became very rich, virtually. Now doing the same thing IRL.

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